Compressed log of day cartons of 12 KG

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Made only with oak and beech sawdust, the compressed logs have a moisture content 2 times lower than conventional firewood of very good quality. This is the guarantee of a powerful product with exceptional heating power.


Heating value:> 4.7 KWh / kg

Moisture content: <9%

Ash rate: <1%

Fire resistance: 1 h 30 to 2 h depending on the device

Fits any type of appliance: stoves, inserts, fireplaces, boilers, wood ovens ...


Firewood: 100%, hardwood (oak and beech).

From recycling untreated sawdust.

Compressed wood without glue or binder.

Does not contain any additives.

100% natural, respects the environment


Log: 27 cm long x 9 cm in diameter.

6 logs compressed per carton.

80 cartons per pallet (= 5 steres).

Recycled and recyclable cardboard.